Balcani OnLine è il sito ufficiale dedicato ai progetti d'intervento italiano in favore dello sviluppo dei Paesi dell'area balcanica
I - SEE: Italy - South East Europe Project matching Fair I - SEE: Italy - South East Europe Project matching Fair

About I SEE

In the framework of the project "Balcani On Line", financed by the Italian Ministry of economic development, Informest – International Economic Cooperation Development Agency, and ICE – Italian National Institute for Foreign Trade, organized the first "I – SEE: Italy - South East Europe Project matching Fair", hold on 4 March 2009, in Zagreb - Sheraton Hotel, Kneza Borne 2.
"I SEE" was a proactive meeting between eligible project developers from Italy and South East Europe Countries interested in sharing their project ideas under the programmes:

  • IPA Adriatic Cross-Border cooperation programme;
  • South East Europe - Transnational Cooperation Programme.

Who did participate?

"I SEE" participants are public entities and institutions, development agencies, chambers of commerce, NGOs, universities and research centers that could be eligible projects promoters/partners in the framework of the above mentioned programmes coming from South East Europe Countries (namely: Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Italy, Kosovo, Romania and Serbia). On the 4 March 2009 more then 130 participants gathered in Zagreb. Find the complete list of participants here.

How did it work?

In the preliminary phase participants were asked to register and to upload their project proposals on this site (find all the project proposals here). Then, Informest staff matched partners and project proposals in order to draft the meeting agenda: during the event participants were grouped to work on 10 different thematic tables with up to 15-20 persons. Each working table was moderated by Informest staff.
The goal of “I SEE” was to give participants the concrete opportunity to present their proposals to a selected audience of potential partners and to know more about new projects.


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